Bryan Walthall

Bryan Walthall Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering.



Originally from just outside of Washington D.C., now over 15 years in Richmond Bryan Walthall has made a lot of records.  "It is hard for me to remember a time that i did not want to make records and I have an unrelenting passion for it!  I was extremely lucky to have been brought up in an 'old school' studio environment and I try to bring that process and esthetic to my productions. I like to concentrate on vibe and performances and I commit to most tones at the tracking stage. I always have a pretty strong opinion, and feel its my duty to serve the song over ego. I'm pretty engaged in the production, and would consider my self the antithesis of a 'couch producer'"

Mentoring under great producers and engineers like John Morand and Al Weatherhead while working at Sound of Music Studios ('07-'14) really shaped the way he makes records at Stereo Image.  Highlights from his time at SOM include Unholy Thoughts, The Catalyst, The Southern Belles, Night Idea, RPG, Cracker, and many more.  Now Owner and Operator of Stereo Image Bryan has crystalized his production techniques and looks forward to the future.  "Shit's Tight!"